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Another website dedicated to finance and economics?

Yes yes, I know. That very thought has long kept me from making such a foolish move.

So what tipped me over the edge? Well, two things.

First, early this year I finished a piece aimed at bringing the whole business of money and credit within the grasp of an intelligent lay reader. Not only how they’re created and why things have gone so terribly wrong, but also what a more sane and stable financial system might look like.

Even allowing for my bias, I was happy with it. Unfortunately, it fell into an awkward hole; much too short to be a book but too long to be sensibly published anywhere else. So, it went into the too hard basket.

What brought it out again was the second, and persistent, thing.

Despite the superabundance of commentary out there (much of it very good indeed), while reading it I sometimes found myself wanting to express a slightly different take. One focusing on the longer view, seeking to find and explain patterns of behaviour and structure that might allow these chaotic times to be seen in a clearer perspective.

Given my long-standing fascination with these matters, and the vital importance of the ongoing broader conversation, the wish to take part in it in the end outweighed good sense.

So, here we are.

I won’t be prolific; indeed, at times lengthy periods may pass with no commentary at all. At other times, I might worry some particular aspect to death. Only time will tell.

In the meantime, that lengthy essay, “Money, Credit and Financial Systems (Are Crises Built into Their DNA?)”, can be found to the right.

Bon appetit.

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